The Event Organiser`s Social Media Software Feature List

The Event Organiser`s Social Media Software Feature List


Organisers have the ability to enable or disable every feature (listed below), subject to certain dependencies

Custom Branding

Custom CSS and HTML fields allow the event organiser to apply the look and feel of your organisation/event including logo, colour scheme, layout and more. Most text fields are customisable as well

Static Pages

For events that do not already use their own CMS (e.g. Drupal, WordPress, Radiant, etc.), we provide a simple static page module that event organisers can use to create their home page, hotel/travel page(s), sponsor pages (not fan pages) etc.


Event organisers can configure the appropriate date, time and currency formats for the

event’s locale. Note: at this time, system strings are not exported. However, event organisers may opt to enter text in other languages into the configurable text fields

Custom Subdomain Integration

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Software Outsourcing India – A Theory Defining Development

In the present scenario of convoluted combat of business development, the terms “Technology” and “advancement” play a very significant role. Formerly defined as boon to the mankind, they both walk on the line of fervent development and changes. The ardent use of advancement and technology is visible in every field, with a special presence marked in the software Industry so as to win the struggle for reaching an acme. And here comes the concept of software outsourcing, which is definitely one of the major causes for this benefit throughout.

The industrial sector flourishes with several software outsourcing firms throughout the world including India. These companies provide software outsourcing services to huge businesses houses and companies that require the assistance by other software consultants.

The contribution of India in Software Outsourcing India is remarkable with making the new contours that are consistently extending. The software outsourcing India has been described as the most prospering stratagem in today’s world of business organization. There are several reasons for this booming popularity of the outsourcing services of India. Right from the proficient workforce to the reasonable charges, everything together makes India one of the leading Software outsourcing solutions.

An Indian Software analyst is paid just one fifth as compared to one working in the United States or Europe. The outsourcing services highly demand quality work submitted within the due schedule, and Indian companies understand this formula thoroughly. Another reason that India is blessed with is its efficient use of English language, which helps the professionals to work for any part of the world. All this and much more let the Indian consultancies to earn huge profits and show perfect augmentation in the employment sector for the same.

India has innumerable Centers for convening services for software Outsourcing solutions. However, this boom act as a catalyst for creating heavy competition that in turn led to the evolution of management for managing and delineating the existing horizons. Though, this competition has also a positive side as it hold the magnetism of challenge that gives birth to greater efficiency and progress in the field of software Outsourcing in India. Making a correct choice in picking the software company to do your work primarily depends on the needs of your project. Selecting the experienced firm is always a better option, but if you want to save on your pocket, you may consult a recently established trustworthy firm.

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